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Developed by Tech Wan brings an effective and successful solution to your business, regardless of the size or segment of your company. It is based on the elaboration of a strategic planning customized for each client.

All services are carried out within your investment capacity, that is, consulting is affordable and will certainly add numerous benefits to your business keep growing in the market.

Another difference is the know-how of its team, made up of professionals with broad technical knowledge to design and plan the network infrastructure in your company, following the trends of an increasingly dynamic and demanding market.


Acting directly with the network area, we have provided network solutions since 2009, offering consulting we help our customers to explore the latest generation of networks. It has proven experience, resources, knowledge and proven solutions to reduce the risks associated with deployment processes.


Wireless Solutions means having a managed network with high capacity and performance, bringing an extremely network quality functionality to your company. We offer a complete design with indoor and outdoor solutions, managed through a wireless controller. They are solutions the size of your need that exceed your expectations.

A well-structured Wireless network is the best way to support BYOD within your enterprise, providing secure access to data, voice and video applications.

We work with the biggest vendors in the Wireless segment, being Cisco, Ruckus, Mikrotik.


Cloud Computing Solutions cater to companies that need to ensure that their mission-critical systems are securely hosted and available. For this to happen, Tech Wan knows how important it is to have a robust infrastructure.

Choosing the Data Center and defining the right solution to meet demand are essential to the success of the project.

A very important point in cloud computing environments is the security of the environment, for this we also think of the security of the environment to make security as possible, a simple example would be the use of VPN.

Get in touch and see our cases to further convince you to migrate your corporate network to the Cloud environment.


Data centralization in a secure and efficient way, from firewall services, through email services to virtualization and datacenters. All that is necessary to ensure the continuity of your business when it comes to information technology.

We work with the latest technologies and security techniques, being the first step to integrate your company into the current market scenario, respecting your internal policies.

Linux, Unix, Windows Server;

Proxy Squid, Firewall Iptables, Snort;

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle databases;

Network monitoring Zabbix, Cacti, Ntop;

Postfix email server, Zimbra;

Active Diretory (AD), Servidor de Arquivos, SMB;


Webserver, Nginx, Apache;

 Online backup service;